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Registration Information

Spring Registration: Open thru Mar 28th


Spring Registration Dates:
Spring Registration opens on February  5th. Spring Registration closes on March 28th.   We are still accepting new players and will assign them to teams at our draft to balance numbers and skills on each team.

$85 / 10 games

Games in April and May will be 30 minute halves due to sunset. Games in June for Spring Season will be 45 minute halves.
New players also purchase a set of jerseys or tank tops (one-time purchase).  Existing players must purchase a new jersey if they have lost it. We offer Financial Aid.

Spring Season Games:
Spring Season begins the week of Monday, April 13th and ends Thursday, July 2nd.  We have two "flex" weeks scheduled in that season to allow for rescheduling rainouts and avoiding double games in a week where possible. (Flex weeks= Memorial Day week and the last week of the spring season) For more info about Spring Season see Season Info.

Register for both Spring and Summer Seasons together!
When Spring Registration opens you can register for Spring Season and Summer Season at the same time if you plan to play both seasons.

Summer Registration:Open until June 28th


Summer Registration Dates:
Summer Registration opens at the same time as Spring Registration on February 5th.  Summer Registration closes on June 28th.  Players who register for Summer Season after that will be placed on the waitlist.

$85 / 10 games 

45 minute halves until September at which time we may have to shorten back to 30 or 35 minute halves due to sunset. 

**College students please email for questions about season length and when you need to head back to school. We can adjust fees accordingly.
New players also purchase a set of jerseys or tank tops (one-time purchase).  Existing players must purchase a new jersey if they have lost it. We offer a limited number of slots for  Financial Aid.

Summer Season Games:
Summer Season begins the week of Tuesday July 7th and ends Thursday, September 17th. For more info about Summer Season see Season Info.

Late Registration and Waitlist Policy

After registration closes for each season, players may still register and pay a $10 Late Registration Fee. 

Players who register late will be placed on the Waitlist and added to a team  based on league and team needs and/or when team captains request additional players for their roster. Waitlist players may be placed on any team in their respective division. If you aren't placed on a team, you will be refunded your fees.

Financial Aid

MWSL offers Financial Aid on a case-by-case basis. Click the link above to learn more.

Season Info

Learn more about Spring and Summer Season games, start times and other season details.